1) Every affiliated must carry a Certificate of Permit the use of the group name and membership card authorization issued by the Cordão de ouro Group matrix;

2) The member shall pay an annual fee to be collected by bank deposit;

3) The member may not do any event such as seminars, courses, baptisms and graduations without the knowledge and permission of the chairman of the group - Master Suassuna;

4) For such events, the invitations are vetted capoeiristas and teachers to teach courses without authorization or proper knowledge of the matrix;

5) All students above with a degree of yellow and blue cord, shall have the supervision of the chairman or representative in each state;

6) Once a year there will be a mandatory refresher course for each degree above yellow and blue, reaching teachers, foremen and masters;

7) Representatives Teachers of Matrix in their states, may indicate graduates to teach classes, but the authorization and accreditation will come from the matrix;

8) The expulsion of Cordão de Ouro students is prohibited. Except in extreme cases as involvement in heinous crimes or where inappropriate behavior is characterized to conduct desired by the group. Ex: Drug Trafficking, theft, etc.;

9) The expulsion of the Cordão de Ouro student comes from the president, through the legal regiment of the group.

If the student is not linking properly with your teacher, foreman or master, it is legitimate for him to try another representative of the group to follow up the capoeira.

In this case we should perform official statement to the teacher and president of the group.

Certificate of Permit


We appreciate your assistance and understanding of all group members.

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