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Mestre Suassuna

“Eu venho de longe, venho de Itabuna...
Jogo capoeira, meu nome é Suassuna...”
Mestre Suassuna

Reinaldo Ramos Suassuna,
Master Suassuna, is one of
best known and talented
names in the history of capoeira!

He began the apprenticeship as a boy in his hometown, Itabuna-BA, because of a muscular problem in his legs that forced him to practice some sport.

At this time, attended street rodas where great capoeiristas were in the region, such as Masters Sururu, Bigode de Arame and Maneca Brandão.

To get more knowledge, occasionally he´s travelled to Salvador, where attended the most famous terraces of capoeira of Bahia.

The Masters Bimba, Canjiquinha, Pastinha, Waldemar, Caicara and some others, teachers have become the reference to develop their work, the first two were the most prominently and that became to diploma it in the future, recognizing his work as a teacher.

In 1965, Master Suassuna came to São Paulo in 1967 and created the Cordão de Ouro group together with Master Brasilia in Vila Mariana, following the same way of ACRESI (Academia Regional de Itabúna) that would become ACRESP.

There are in the hall of the big names that working for capoeira and capoeiristas.

Mestre Suassuna

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