by Mestre Boca Rica

“Miudinho não é angola,
Miudinho não é regional,
Miudinho é um jogo manhoso,
É um jogo de dentro,
É um jogo legal...”

In the 1970s and 1980s, capoeira has undergone a period of great expansion and popularization throughout the country, achieving a very high status in Brazil and abroad. Began to emerge several benefits hitherto unexplored, such as the insertion of capoeira in the curriculum of educational institutions; the development of training methodologies; the increasing social recognition of capoeira. The expansion of the potential labor markets resulted in the application of poultry in works of great social value, such as adaptation to special students, the reintegration of marginalized children and young people and poultry to the "third age". Alongside the benefits, also came the losses - disfigurements achieved by training young "masters" and especially the exacerbation of aggression, sliding into violence.

During this period, Master Suassuna, concerned about the direction that capoeira had been taking, capoeira began to remember who played in the late 50's. Then he´s elaborated training sequences laying out this movement has learned, experienced and taught. Put your plastic and rich in movement style, developed a touch and some elements that, after a process that lasted more than fifteen years became known as the Miudinho Game.

The name was born from a joke in training, where the master said to his students that they should play closer and euphoric shouting: - It is to play choosy!

In the 90s, went and worked these sequences for their younger disciples who, with a rich and vigorous capoeira, became known as the "Miudinho Generation ". With supporters worldwide Master Suassuna and his niggling gain supporters who consistently attend their academy, at the Santa Cecilia neighborhood in São Paulo, to learn their secrets and charms of the game of capoeira.

Axé! A lot of Axé Capoeira on the way!

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