The ceremony of receiving the first cord consists in the baptized The cords ceremony consists of subsequently received in exchange cords. Is at the discretion of the teacher or the Master the baptized and changing their students cords. The base time for the cord exchange is one (1) year.

The color´s system that identifies the stage of learning and evolution of capoeira is organized into two groups and 5 stages.

Each group corresponds to an age range:
1) Children under 15 years old: the cords are lighter color;
2) From 15 years old: the cords are more dark and stronger colors.
The lighter tone of color, braided in four (24 wires) should be worn at the waist giving two turns in it, and its ends down the left leg to the knee. The dark tone for graduation above fifteen years of age, with 32 in four twisted strands of wool.

Graduation certificates will be granted to all classifications.

The phases are as follows:

Phase 1: Graduation to capoeira practitioner children up to 14 years.
1º Cord (batizado) Light Green
2º Cord Green and Yellow Light
3º Cord Light Yellow
4º Cord Yellow and Blue Light
5º Cord Light Blue

Phase 2: Graduate capoeiristas over 15 years.
1º Cord (batizado) Dark Green
2º Cord Green and Yellow Dark
3º Cord Dark Yellow
4º Cord Yellow and Blue Darks
5º Cord Dark Blue

Phase 3: Formed Teacher.
Braided with three colors - Green, Yellow and Blue - all dark.

Phase 4: Formed Contra Mestre.
Braided with four colors - Green, Yellow, Blue and white - all dark.

Phase 5: Graduate Master.
Braided with two color - all dark.

Mestre 1º Degree - Cord White and Green.
Mestre 2º Degreeu - Cord White and Yellow.
Mestre 3º Degree - Cordo White and Blue.
Mestre 4º Degree - Cord White.
Mestre 5º Degree - Gold chain.

Universal color tones of the group.

Tints of the cords shall conform faithfully to the following references of wool for the manufacture of strings:

Colors Brands
Light Green Family nº 422
Dark Green Family nº 167
Light Yellow Family nº 110
Dark Yellow Family nº 853
Light Blue Family nº 241
Dark Blue Family nº 167

CLOTHING (Uniform)

White pants to the ankle with through to the cord. Shirt white mesh short or long sleeve.


Every official shirt of each academy will take the symbol of the Academy chest, and Cordão de Ouro MASTER Suassuna symbol on the back.


Every student with a basic time of one (1) year of training shall attend the graduation exam, which will elect him or not to a next cord.


Will be required knowledge and use of the Code of Ethics for all students and affiliated to the Masters of Cordão de Ouro group.

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