We want to make your membership record to Grupo Cordão de Ouro, is very important to register, as well as being legally affiliated, can use without legal problems, the logo which is duly registered in public agencies.

Therefore all should have an affiliated Certificate of Permit officially issued by Cord Golden Group in accordance with the current year for use of the name.

Benefits affiliated with certificate:

1- Certificate of Permit signed by the Master Suassuna, recognizing their membership and use the group name according to the current year.

2- the group official vectorized logo, so that we can use in garment production and media outreach.

3- Insert affiliated Data with Accredited Academies pageon the official website of the group with address and contact data of the same.

4- The member gets free access to courses Capoeirando Ilheus in Bahia, since certification is directly with group head office.

Benefit to teachers who have affiliated:

The teachers who have members will be entitled to 50% of the license. Since the affiliate will not be entitled to the benefit of free access to courses Capoeirando Ilhéus.


The Permit Certificate can be paid with deposit and bank transfer up to 4x by banks:

Bradesco: Agência:093 / Conta Corrente: 100985-0
Itaú: Agência:0237 / Conta Corrente: 45504-3

By Pagseguro and Paypal with debt online, Credit card and Billet.
(If you choose the option for Paseguro send the link to payment)

Personal information Mestre Suassuna:
Reinaldo Ramos Suassuna
RG: 4.374.331-6 | CPF: 222.476.968-72
Birth date: 03/07/1942

Send your receipt to the e-mail: contato@grupocordaodeouro.com.br

Observation: All license certificate shall be paid directly to the matrix, we are responsible to communicate and pass on the rights of the affiliated.


Envie sua solicitação para o e-mail: contato@grupocordaodeouro.com.br

We appreciate the help and understanding of all group members.

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